the power of now

Where are you now?

I have been reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” I was wondering how I could begin to introduce some of my thoughts on the book to my kungfu class. I then thought to ask a simple question; “where are you now?”

Tolle differentiates between clock time and psychological time. I was beginning to wonder, if we are always in the “now” what happens to goal setting. He places goal setting in “clock time”. Remember when you asked me the question about happiness and I answered “when I am …”, I was in psychological time, and I have been living in the “future”. I remember saying to a friend that I missed 15 years of my life because I was always thinking about “when I get … then …”. I had anchored happiness to an ego need (to have my masters degree, or to own a BMW Z4 and so on).Read More »Where are you now?