Happiness – Do we have a choice?

The growth of neuroscience and genetics has seen an increasing number of articles stating that the part of the brain that does this or that, or the gene for this or that has been discovered. Happiness has not escaped these studies. Here is one such article I found in The Telegraph “Born miserable – some people genetically programmed to be negative” (http://bit.ly/fF7cja). Wow. I hope I am not that person! After reading that article you might simply think; no wonder I’m miserable, it’s in my genes (and hence I cannot do anything about it).

And that leads me to an interesting article I found just the other day where the question was asked “is happiness a choice?” (http://bit.ly/hEQW2F)…

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Holiday happiness

It seems to be human nature to compare everything. I see my two daughters doing it every day; “but she has more sweeties dad!”. Heaven help me if I don’t ensure that both girls have exactly the same size piece of cake. Adults are not immune and past studies of happiness have shown, rather cynically, we’re happiest when we’re doing better than our peers. This is a rather secular point of view on happiness and does not include any spiritual dimension that might mitigate against our urge to buy a bigger TV. Anyway, the point is that we do tend to compare what we have with what our peers have, and if we think they are better off we are miserable.Read More »Holiday happiness