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Harness your hyperfocus

Creating your own superpower user guide – Do you ever wish you could get into hyperfocus whenever you want to? And then find that hyperfocus seems most elusive when you need it?

Happiness – Do we have a choice?

The growth of neuroscience and genetics has seen an increasing number of articles stating that the part of the brain that does this or that, or the gene for this or that has been discovered. Happiness has not escaped these studies. Here is one such article I found in The Telegraph “Born miserable – some people genetically programmed to be negative” ( Wow. I hope I am not that person! After reading that article you might simply think; no wonder I’m miserable, it’s in my genes (and hence I cannot do anything about it).

And that leads me to an interesting article I found just the other day where the question was asked “is happiness a choice?” (…

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In the Pursuit of Happiness Contentment and Mindfulness Win

Ask anyone if they want to be happy and they’ll surely say yes. The pursuit of happiness has spurned a multi-million dollar business. But the relentless pursuit of happiness is unrealistic. No one is happy all of the time and when people expect to be happy all of the time, they are likely to find happiness an illusive state of mind. As the obsession with happiness has reached great heights, it is only natural to expect an antithetical movement against the happiness imperative. Yet while I agree that happiness cannot be an end unto itself, I caution against embracing the opposite.

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