Coaching is a process that helps people change. For changes to occur we need to change the way we think, what we attend to and how we see the world around us. Neuroscientist, Srinivasan Pillay remarks that coaching is the bridge between our imagination and action.

Coaching clients are generally mentally healthy individuals who desire psychological or emotional growth, or who recognise that their current thinking patterns no longer produce the desired results. The purpose of the coaching is to help them move forward in whatever way they want to move.

Changing your thinking is made easier when you understand how the brain works. Brain-based coaching takes advantage of studies in cognitive neuroscience in developing coaching methods that help clients change.

An old dog can learn new tricks. We now know that the brain is capable of constant change – the brain is essential plastic and malleable. Neuroscientist Jeffrey Schwartz provides a succinct description of brain-based coaching: he says “coaching … is way of assisting self-directed neuroplasticity”

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